Songs in the Spring

By Sabrina Capodicci '20

Canterbury's Varsity Voices and Chorale led by Mrs. Armstrong at the Songs of Spring Concert.

On April 12th, notes of joyful nostalgia and tearful goodbyes flooded the Chapel of Our Lady during the annual Songs of Spring concert. Eleven seniors presented their final performances as Canterbury students.

The audience was treated to all manner of songs ranging from the Beatles’ “Let It Be” to “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”. Both Chorale and Varsity Voices participated. The emotional conclusion featuring both groups, entitled “Can You Hear”, left performers and audience members alike reaching for the tissues.

Nevertheless, the sadness of the goodbyes was overshadowed by the joy of music and community. “We’re more than a class,” says Mrs. Armstrong. “We’re a family.”

Although official preparations began in January, planning began long before. Mrs. Armstrong began making the set list over the summer, considering each senior’s personality and vocal strengths. She says, “Choosing repertoire involves so many factors. I spend a lot of time over the summer choosing repertoire options that represent different styles, different languages, and different levels of difficulty, in order to allow singers to have a meaningful experience while still challenging them to grow.”

At the beginning of the year, students prepared the song Muusika for an admissions event and then for Parents’ Weekend. Then, after Lessons and Carols, students began practicing their other songs.

Even with so many graduating seniors, Mrs. Armstrong is optimistic about the future of the voice program: “What always remains the same is that there’s always students who want to express themselves artistically. And students who wanna express themselves artistically will always have a home with me.” She and the underform students are sad to see their beloved seniors go, but are confident that the quality of their work together leaves no regrets.

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