Ms. Kolbig’s “Part to Whole” Art show

by Anna Imrie

Ms. Kolbig, with Mr. and Mrs. Bolster, as they study one of her sculptures at the show’s opening in April.

For the two first weeks of April, art teacher Ms. Kolbig displayed her own works of art in the Edward J. Duffy Family Gallery. The show contained works that span twenty years of her career. The concept behind the show is to take various completed pieces of her artwork, and then transform them into an entirely new sculpture or piece of art. In creating these new pieces, she strives to unify certain components that aren’t necessarily found together. For example, she will paint a canvas, and that will represent one piece. Then, the painting is cut and rearranged, forming a new composition. She takes a photo of that object, uploads it into Photoshop where she continues to manipulate the work, and then projects the image. “I am very impressed with Ms. Kolbig’s dedication to her art. She thinks outside of the box and it makes us all look at the world in a new way. She is a very talented woman and we are very lucky to have her as a teacher,” said Mrs. Tester, chair of the Fine Arts Dept.


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