Making Math Fun!

by Jed Dowler

Connor Amsley '18 and Jed Dowler ‘17 riding square-wheeled tricycles. The tricycles don’t turn; they follow a circular path made of bumps that correlate with the size of the wheels.

On April 20, Ms. Roberts’ calculus class took its annual field trip to the National Museum of Mathematics, aka “MoMath” in Manhattan.

This one-of-a-kind museum is the only museum in North America dedicated to mathematics. It boasts over thirty interactive exhibits for curious mathematicians to explore in hands-on fashion. The museum stands by its creed to “enhance public understanding and perception of mathematics” as well as to demonstrate to museum-goers that math is fun!

Exhibits such as “Motionscape”, the “Square-Wheeled Trikes”, and the “Tracks of Galileo” were definitely favorites among our class. Motionscape is an interactive pressure sensitive track on the floor that allows participants to explore the relationship between position, velocity, and acceleration in a visual way.

The Square-Wheeled Trikes were another favorite. It allows two people to race cars on adjustable tracks to see who can get the fastest time. Connor Amsley had the time of his life. “Dang! You never realize how much math you actually use everyday,” he said.

After the museum, the class enjoyed lunch in Times Square and did some sightseeing before returning to campus in the evening.

MoMath Museum Field Trip
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