Dynasty on the Line

By Nicholas Vial '20

Spencer McLean '19

Spencer McLean ’19 cheers on his teammates while preparing for his next race.


    For the past three years, the Boys Swim Team won every N.E.P.S.S.A. (New England Prep School Swimming and Diving) DIII tournament. And for a fourth consecutive year, they are heading back to defend their title and keep the dynasty rolling.

Since the 2015-2016 season, the team has broken their own records while claiming a spot as one of the most feared swim teams around. And this year should be no different. However, there are some obstacles in the way.

The biggest task at hand is taking down a fierce opponent: Hamden Hall. According to Matt Martin, ‘19, “Our biggest competition is Hamden Hall. We are really focused on beating Hamden Hall.”

They tied earlier in the season, but now it’s a new race. Both teams will see each other again in the Tournament and both will try to get the better of the other.

“We’re going to have a lot of fast swims this year,” said Matt. “We have a lot of young swimmers who are ready to make an impact. Even though a lot of us are anxious, I think that our team has what it takes to step up.”

Notably, one of the senior leaders and record holders, Spencer McLean, ‘19, is back in the water after missing two weeks after a plow truck collided with him on his way to school.

“Everyone told me I was so lucky to be walking away from that and that it could have been a lot worse,” said Spencer. “ And that’s true.  But it could have been a lot better if it didn’t happen, period.”

Spencer says he, “still feels kind of weird, but obviously, I’ll be back and ready. I’m not worried about New England’s at all.”

Spencer has a big impact both in and out of the water. As one of the team’s leaders, and because of his return from the accident, morale is up among some of the younger swimmers who are inspired by Spencer’s tenacity.

Logan Sanford, ‘22, feels that Spencer was the most impactful leader on the team for him.

“We were in the same lane this year,” he said. “[After the accident] he came back with a better, positive attitude than I would’ve expected. He was ready to swim and he was ready in the water and he was happy to be there.”

According to Logan, Spencer taught him how to deal with certain issues or sudden problems.

“He really showed me that even though you could go through bad stuff, it’ll all, in the end, work out. We’re all going to be happy and we’re all going to work towards our goal. He really showed me that you just come back ready for the next step.”

The boys are heading to West Hartford this Saturday, March 2. Roll Saints.


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