New Hip Hop and Rap Club Hits Campus

by Giselle Bradshaw '21


Oscar Wang ’21 performing one of his raps.

Rapping may have originated in the Bronx, but who says it has to be in English? In Canterbury’s new Hip Hop and Rap Club, students can rap in whatever language they want.

Fourth former Oscar Wang and Music Director Mr. Overthrow started the club as a way for students to make their own music beyond what they might be creating in the Computer Music classes that are offered. The club uses the softwares Garageband and Logic Pro to produce their music and the club offers students a great opportunity to build those skills.

Those in the club look forward to representing the genre of Hip Hop music, as well as writing, producing, and releasing their music to the Canterbury community for everyone to enjoy. They will be releasing it onto the Canterbury website under the Music tab.

“The club is an excellent place to have fun and learn about a different music style,” said Oscar ’21.

Current members of the club include Noah Maxim ’21, Kevin Wang ’20, and Lucas Williams ’19.

Mr. Overthrow and Oscar say that you do not have to have a lot of musical experience to join the club. All musical talents are welcome to join. And remember – you don’t have to rap in English!

Anyone interested in Hip Hop and Rap Club should see Mr. Overthrow or Oscar.

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