Olivia McCormick ’19 Launches Her First Recording

By Olivia McCormick ‘19

Olivia McCormick performing during the school auction in October

Hi everyone.

I just want to thank all of you for being so supportive and accepting of my songs, especially “How it Was”. I had no clue that by giving the rough demo of “How it Was” to a select few, that the crew team would end up hearing it on repeat, so for that I am very sorry.

So, the number one question I get is who is the song about. However, the song isn’t about anyone in this audience. It’s about two different guys I met on two different vacations. The verses and bridge is about one guy and the chorus is about the other – who I wish the first guy was more like. So, sorry if you were expecting some Canterbury drama, because “How it Was” doesn’t offer that.

If you haven’t noticed, I have never spoken at a school meeting before, and that is no coincidence. I am super shy, and obviously I have to overcome that. Also, being shy is probably what I like and hate most about myself, because I keep all these feelings inside of me as I’m going through my day and then, I put all those feelings into my songs. If I wasn’t shy, I would not have released “How it Was.”

Because I’m shy you might only know me from the concert that was on March 2nd this year. And you may have heard that I went to Nashville in March. But, actually the first time I went to Nashville was this past summer and the atmosphere there compelled me to start writing songs and to teach myself an instrument.

I tried piano, but it wasn’t for me. Then I tried the guitar and I liked it. I practiced for at least eight hours every day, and the days when I couldn’t practice, I practiced more the following day. My record for practicing in a single day is nineteen hours. For those of you who think I am exaggerating, I am not. I bet some of your parents yell at you for sleeping in too late or waking them up in the middle of the night. Mine yell at me for turning my amp up too loud at five in the morning.

I also would have never been here if it wasn’t for Mr. Overthrow, Patsy (Buckley) and Jason (Bae). Mr. Overthrow accepted me into Jazz Combo in January last year. I have really grown since then and I have him to thank so much. Also, he is playing bass on the track in the recording, and he helped me write all the instrumentation, which I am fairly new to.

I also cannot thank Patsy enough. I have known Patsy since 5th grade and she lives a couple of blocks away from me on Long Island. I have always been intimidated by her. This year I have gotten really close with her and I have learned so much from her and I’m so grateful to be singing with her all the time.

So here’s the final version of “How it Was”. I really hope you enjoy it.


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