International Week in Full Swing

By Wensie Yang ‘20 and Sarah Li ‘21

Every year, Canterbury celebrates International Week. This week (April 9 -13) is International Week, and there are a number of activities going on.

Mrs. EJ has been hosting International Week for five years. The purpose is to celebrate the global diversity in this community, and to teach everyone a little something about the countries of their classmates. For international students, this is a good opportunity to represent their countries and culture, and to take pride in their homelands.

All week flags from different countries hang in the dining hall, and lunches are meals inspired by countries, which not only allows domestic students to try new food, but also gives international students a sense of closeness.

An International fair was held Saturday, April 7 to kick off international week. Students from different countries set up booths in the halls of Piggott. Last Saturday,  foods from Venezuela, China, Canada, South Korea, and other countries were served. The fair gives students the opportunity either to make their own food, or just to bring food from their homeland. (see Sherley’s video of the event).

Besides the delicious food, international students also record videos to introduce their countries. They talk about the food, the climate, special holidays and traditions, and the popular sports and activities of their countries. The videos are played every morning during school meetings throughout the week. They are always entertaining and a high point of morning meetings.

Mrs. EJ describes international week as a great way for the community to come together.

“It’s great to see the students work hard to create dishes and see the international students take pride in their countries,” she said. “And it gives our domestic students some exposure to different parts of the world.”

This year, morning meetings are showcasing students and faculty from Nigeria, Venezuela, Ghana, Mexico, Canada, China, Vietnam, Korea, Spain, Russia, among others.

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