Meet Lilli, the Armstrong’s “little muffin”

By Ali Wogernese ‘19 and Shannon Gao ‘20


Hello, my name is Lilla which is short for Lilliputian, the tiny people from the novel Gulliver’s Travels. My nickname from my parents is “little muffin” because I am so cute and fluffy. I am a domestic short hair with a little bit of Abyssinian, which gives my fur a speckled appearance and me my rather quirky personality. I’m not allowed treats, but my parents give me lots of wet food to keep me happy.

My mom, Mrs. Armstrong, wanted a companion to fill her house with life and joy, so she adopted me from the Humane Society in 2004. When she found me, I was a little scared kitty wedged way back in a cage. I am usually scared of people, but once I get to know you I show you how cute and funny I am!

My favorite ways to spend my free time are playing with my kick toy or accepting cuddles. I love to sit and sleep on people (especially my mom and dad!). My dad and I have a special trick: whenever he leans back in his seat, I come running from wherever I am and jump into his lap. If you need me I’ll probably be at the top of the stairs keeping watch over my family.

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