A Chat with Paco and Daisy

By Sabrina Capodicci

D: Hello, I’m Daisy.

P: And I’m Paco, her brother!

D: We live with the Omañas. Before that, we lived at the NJ Puppy Rescue.

P: A while ago, we lived at this horrible kill shelter in Kentucky. I hated that place.

D: But the people from the NJ Puppy Rescue saved us. Don’t tell Paco, but originally, our owners were only coming for me. But Paco wouldn’t let go. He was the runt of  the litter.

P: I was not! I am a pillar of strength.

D: Whatever you say. I wasn’t bothered, though. We were inseparable, and still are. I’m glad the Omañas took us both. We like to cuddle.

P: Get this–Now we’re almost 18 months old!

D: Our birthday is in December. Mrs. Omaña often tells us how great it is that we love unconditionally, but we’re dogs; that’s easy for us.

P: What does “unconditionally” mean?

D: Quiet, I’ll explain later. We know that they’ve always had dogs. They tell us lots of stories about their first dog, Max, who was Mrs. Omaña’s wedding present to Mr. Omaña. Without a dog in the house, they were so sad.

P: So we had to help, of course! Plus, by now, we’ve figured out how to get what we want when we want it. Our personalities are as unique as if we were people, and when we combine them, we render them helpless to our whims!

D: Paco! We’re good dogs, I swear. However, the temptation is too strong sometimes when we’re left alone . . . but we only learned that from watching our siblings, Brendan and Abby Grace.

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